Taking the brand’s "have a break" tagline to innovative new levels, KitKat paired with scale model kit company AirFix to create a special edition of its miniature Supermarine Spitfire. These kits were sent to a range of model-making YouTubers who, upon opening the packaging, discovered a sealed KitKat into the kits mounted on a 3D-printed plastic sprue. 

The KitKat itself comes into play at step 38 of the model-making process, under the instruction "have a break". The concept was created by Jeremy Little and James Hobbs. I was brought in as a designer to create all the assets.

A 3D biodegradable sprue was designed, using KitKat's typeface.​​​​​​​

A sticker was created for the box as a little reference to the contents.
 The bespoke instructions were illustrated in typical Airfix style. Using lots of greys and concentrations of reds.​​​​​​​
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Aldridge - Executive Creative Director: Lucas Peon - Global Creative Director: Jason Berry 
UK Creative Director: Jo Wallace - Creative: Jeremy Little - Creative: James Hobbs - Designer: Xavier Segers - Business Director: Paul Kirkley - Associate Business Director: Sam Brooks - 
Account Director: Chris Braks - Account Manager: Ben O’Neill-Gregory - Senior Producer: Joseph Bassary - Social Media Specialist: James Treen - Product Designer: Chris Savage

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